Winnipeg Paramedic Collective Agreement

The union submitted its proposals too late and the city responded by reporting to Manitoba Labour. At the end of the trial, the paramedics were forced to accept a salary increase of zero for a year. Winnipeg paramedics would receive annual salary increases of two per cent per year for the duration of the agreement, according to the report. These wage increases are close to projected increases in the consumer price index, a measure of inflation, the report said. Once duly constituted, a conciliation body shall endeavour to reach a settlement of the dispute between the municipality and the fire brigade and to formulate an agreement satisfactory to both parties; and, if such an agreement is formulated, it is a collective agreement under the main law once concluded by the parties. (b) formulate a collective agreement or the extension or revision of an existing or previous collective agreement. If it fails to reach an agreement satisfactory to both parties, the arbitration commission shall issue an arbitral award in which it shall decide on the manner in which all disputes between the parties are settled. If a conciliation body is established to deal with a dispute arose during a year in compliance with the conditions of employment or employment, a collective agreement concluded in accordance with Article 11 or an arbitration award shall apply after 1 January of that year, whether or not the municipal council provides for a provision for expenses in its forecasts for that year or part of it. The fire chief notifies 350 paramedics whose jobs could be shipped to the province – or be lost before the 31st of the year. In December of the year in which the dismissal is made in accordance with section 5, the municipality and the negotiator have reached an impasse or impasse in their collective bargaining and the parties agree or one of the parties claims that there is no indication of a possible settlement, one or both parties may apply in writing to the Minister for the appointment of a board of arbitration. (c) the Minister is satisfied that the collective bargaining was conducted in good faith but that it is unlikely that the parties will agree within a reasonable time on a new collective agreement or on the extension or revision of an existing or previous collective agreement; If there is no collective agreement between a municipality and a negotiator, one of the two may obtain dismissal in accordance with article 60 of the main law to the other body, which obliges the other to engage in collective bargaining. The union has been without a contract since February 18, 2017 and began discussions with the city the following month about a new agreement.

The tempting deal would cover a four-year period from the expiration of the last contract to the end of February 2021, according to a report released Thursday. The Minister may establish a conciliation body to deal with the dispute and establish a collective agreement or the extension or revision of an existing or previous collective agreement between the parties. On Wednesday, City Council`s executive committee will consider the creation of a new collective bargaining unit with the Manitoba government and The Union of General Employees Local 911, which represents 350 paramedics in the City of Winnipeg. .

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