startupsStarting a new business today can be a very daunting venture. Project Backpack was started in 2009 by Women’s Ministry at Salado United Methodist. Since that time it has expanded into an inter church program, and this year ten local restaurants are helping by using the best practices crowdfunding to raise even more funds.  You already have to focus on customers and your business operation as well as business cashflow protection and don’t have time to deal with your IT infrastructure.  At iTech Atlanta, we understand the concerns when starting a new business and have packaged solutions and managed it services that are perfect for the cost-conscious business owner.  Many of our customers have grown from one-person startups to multi-million dollar operations.  When starting a business, the biggest concerns with building a supporting IT infrastructure are scalability and cost.  We know how to build scalable solutions as well as enterprise content management at a cost a new business owner can appreciate.

We can:

    • Setup a customized domain

    • Setup a hosted website

    • Setup low-cost scalable email

    • Create Social Media Pages (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

    • List your business online (Google Maps, Yelp,, etc)

It is recommended to hire IT services to get you started on the right track

Contact us today for a customized solution for your business and start off on the right track to success!