Modulo Learning Agreement Unibo

The first thing to prepare is the learning agreement (mandatory for Erasmus+ students, optional for others). The Learning Agreement is the study plan that has been agreed with your university, which undertakes to recognize the exams and credits acquired during the exchange period and with the coordinator of your exchanges at the University of Bologna. The form is provided by your university. If you are doing your mobility under the Erasmus+ Studio, Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM), Swiss European Mobility, Overseas programmes (a Unibo programme), you can upload your learning agreement directly to your AlmaRM personal page, either directly during online registration or to obtain your consent. The authorization or refusal will be communicated to you by e-mail to your inbox specifying the reasons. You can also upload a copy of your signed learning agreement after approval. I need help to complete the apprenticeship contract, who should I contact? At the international relations office in charge of your field of study. The content of the learning agreement and the subsequent recognition of credits are the responsibility of your studies. If you wish to apply for the Erasmus+ study and would like information on one or more sites of interest to you in good time, you can contact in writing to make the current data and factsheets available to the Office. You can also go through the Office for other practical indications. Do I have to wait for LA approval by the Council to complete the partner university`s application process? No, all you have to do is use a paper form signed by the exchange coordinator. The tests are used to assess your knowledge of Italian and to enter the appropriate class.

The online test for the first semester courses begins. The online test for second semester courses starts in January. A few days earlier, it is sent to your inbox “ a notification with the date and time of the opening of registrations. When should I submit my learning agreement on AlmaRM? Your learning agreement must be submitted in good time before you leave. Some programs have established schedules for the presentation of La. Please contact your contact person after the reception area. – “Indication of the reason for the visa application”: I would like to spend a mobility period per student/internship (e.g. B Erasmus); – “Information about study programs”: institution: University of Bologna, type of course: course(s) – course(s) – single course(s), course name: Outdoors you must describe your position at the University of Bologna, for example: B.: Mobility student for study, Mobility student for formeeship (and the reference lecturer at Unibo), visiting student (and the reference lecturer at Unibo); – “Identification Account at the University/AFAM/Chosen Institute”: (if you are not a guest PhD). You must also indicate the embassy/consulate from which you are applying for an entry visa to Italy….

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