Master Rental Agreement Europcar

Booking Date: We can accept bookings for the same day rental with a maximum notice of two (2) hours. We can accept rental bookings up to fifteen (15) months in advance. A London congestion charge applies to vehicles that enter the area from Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. or move within the area, except on public holidays. The fee is £11.50 per day, payable either in advance or before midnight on the day of entry into the area. This fee is increased to £12.00 if paid after midnight on the day of entry into the area, and the driver has until midnight on the next day of loading to make this payment of £12.00. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the CLIENT to register the rental vehicle and pay the fees. Europcar will not do this on behalf of the driver. The driver is required to pay any penalties or fines related to the delay or non-payment of this tax, plus an administrative fee of £29.38 for the processing of penalties.

All devices must be returned to a Europcar rental station. 2a. When the Europcar station is closed on return, the equipment must be placed in the bag provided and locked in the trunk of the vehicle. The equipment will remain under your responsibility until it is received by the rental station that ends. 2b. Proof of return must be valid proof of return. If you cannot provide this documentation, the full replacement fee (£244.69) of the device will be charged to your credit card. The minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours).

There is an additional 29 minutes, free. After 29 minutes, a whole day is calculated at the rental prices agreed in the rental rates. GPS is available in most locations for £12.49 per day up to a maximum of £124.90 per rental (£300 deposit). Accessories are not binding and can be reserved subject to reservation. Inland Uk Mainland One-Way Rentals are available for an extra charge of £41.67 (not allowed to board at Southampton Port), please note that a journey between the UK and Northern Ireland is available and the additional charge is £150. Ravel in Italy is now limited to any vehicle that is not registered in Italy and is driven by an Italian resident. If you meet these criteria and do not comply with this restriction, you will be charged the amount related to the confiscation of the vehicle by the Italian authorities. Please note that you must comply with the road traffic rules and toll obligations applicable in the country where you are driving the vehicle4) WHAT TYPE OF VEHICLE CAN BE RENTED AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE? They can either rent a car, motorcycle or commercial vehicle and drive the vehicle as follows depending on its use:● Cars and motorcycles are intended for the transport of different people (depending on the approval on the registration card) and● commercial vehicles can be used up to the weight limit of the vehicle. They are informed that Europcar does not cover goods carried in vehicles or personal effects. . . .

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