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There are 3 different ways your kitties can drink from it: from the top, the falling water, or in the bottom the always available pool. Carbon filter. (3.78 L) which is great for multiple cats. From ultraviolet to carbon filters, the main goal of fountains with a filtration system is to keep your cat’s water purified and fresh as long as possible. Sign up to receive top stories and quality content about everything Bengal cats in your inbox for free. Dual free-falling streams and two drinking areas are a great solution if you have a pair of Bengals in your home. The major items that factor in will be: If you’re not sure how to figure out when to change the filter you should just be able to take a look at it every week or two and tell pretty easily. This is the only battery operated fountain on the market so it would be your go to. A dual layer filter uses carbon to extract bad tastes and odors while foam catches hair and debris to ensure the pump isn’t damaged. There are loads of drinking fountains on the market, so let’s take a look at the best cat drinking fountains out there. The recessed sink and water circulation system are designed to increase the contact area of water and air, and provide more oxygen to the water, bringing health and vitality to pets. With a 128 oz capacity, you won’t have to add more water every few hours. With a full, 360-degree access to the free-falling stream of water, this fountain will instantly become your cat’s favorite. First and foremost if you want your cat to use the sink for moving water you’ll have to approach it one of a couple ways: I’m not a fan of any of the methods above for numerous reasons. On top of this the pump itself can get contaminated and things can start to grow on it and in it if the filter isn’t changed. The Best cat drinking fountains Quick Guide. Themes Thanks so much for the time and research put into this product. The short of it is that you’ll want to ensure your cat drinks plenty of water to keep them healthy! Provide fresh water sources in clean troughs for all animals. It is super easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and maintenance. Do I Have to Clean My Cat Water Fountain? It is small and expensive to maintain, though. It has a solid 2 liter capacity which is plenty for a single cat for about a week before the pump starts to run low. The pump has an adjustable flow to slow things down or speed them up. The pump is tested to run up to a total of 10,000 hours and it can even run dry for up to one week in case you forget to refill it. If you answered yes then a cat drinking fountain is the right choice for you. While the filter does a good job it only filters the water before it gets pumped back to the top of the fountain. Smart Cat Water Fountain, HoneyGuaridan Automatic Pet Fountain Dual Power Design Cat&Dog Water Dispenser, 84oz/2.5L Automatic Drinking Fountain for Cats and Small & Medium Dogs 4.2 out of 5 stars 306 $27.99 $ 27 . This model runs quite loud compared to other models. It often goes through a filtration system within the fountain and it is pumped through and into a spout of some kind allowing your cat access to it. The fountain will continually run water through it so that your cat has constant access to running water, preventing her from drinking stagnant water. It has a whopping 8 different drinking areas available. Some owners have had difficulty with the pump lifetime. This extends the pump’s life and helps ensure the motor operates quietly. Ceramic is safer because it isn’t as porous as plastic. This model is ceramic and thus more hygienic than plastic models. It can also be run without a filter in case you’re using filtered water already. But water fountains aren’t right for every cat. You’ll even hear of it being used in tablet form to remove impurities from the human body. This model is safe for the dishwasher, top shelf only. The open nature of this fountain makes it easy for things to grow in it, constant cleaning is a necessity. The more frequently you clean it the more likely this becomes a problem. water capacity is great for numerous pets including both cats and dogs. There are 3 drinking areas, the upper and lower dishes and the actual waterfall itself too. With a fresh source of running water from a fountain with replaceable sponge filter, you can give them access to clean water all day or for several days at a … It definitely has some of the best reviews of any fountain I've managed to find online. Because we humans have a thirst drive we mostly assume other animals do as well and that their body will just let them know they need to drink more. The Truth About Cat Fountains. Drinkwell Original Pet Water Fountain. Petsafe knows that tons of families have this multi pet situation and they wanted to ensure there was an option that could accommodate all the pets easily. It is the best in class, but it is the best in class across a variety of different areas of interest. ... People think I'm crazy when I tell them my cat has a "water fountain." Tired of cleaning and refilling bowls with fresh water cause hair floated into it or your fur ball dropped bits of food in it? Catit is also known to be an awesome company when it comes to customer service which is an added perk when it comes to any product. It also comes in both black and white if you want to match decor. More water consumption means better overall health for your fur ball, although it does mean you have to scoop more litter! Changing the filter and cleaning your cat’s fountain go hand in hand. The fountain uses special Triple Purifying Filters that need to be replaced every 4 to 12 weeks, and cost around $20 for a 3 to 6 months’ supply. In fact, I would say they’re one of the best inventions for cats since the litter box. Even though it has a minimalistic design, this fountain is not that easy to clean. For families with multiple pets, multi-tiered cat water fountains are the best solution. The Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Fountain designed with one key feature in mind, it is made of stainless steel. The Cat Mate Water Fountain is a great choice among the plastic fountains on the market. Fence off contaminated ponds and lakes to prevent livestock from drinking affected water. Saves you from refilling bowls daily or from running a dripping faucet depending on the cat. Comes in 5 beautiful different colors, each hand fired in Europe. You can run this model without the filter if you’d like, but the pump will be more susceptible to damage. There is an adjustable flow control to increase or decrease the speed of the water pumping out. In your pet fountain, bacteria feed on microscopic particles that are deposited into the water from saliva, as well as food particles that are dropped into the water by a drinking cat or dog. I would note that this is a newer product to the market and so far it has had some hiccups that need to be fixed before it will be as reliable as plug driven models. There are three pools the slides between them. What’s enough water to begin with? With an adorable design and a cheap price tag, Catit Flower Fountain adds a bit of flower power to your cat’s drinking routine. Bengal Cats © Copyright 2021, All Rights Reserved -. This ceramic model is produced by YOUTHINK. $6.99 to $28.99. Let's take a look at some of the most coveted functions: The only drawback I can find at all, and this applies to US customers, is that shipping time can be quite long due to it being manufactured in and shipped from Europe. Of course, as complicated as cats are, they retained their ancestral attitude towards the water, as in they tend to drink it a lot less than dogs and they strongly dislike still water. File it under more ways that cats are demanding. Particularly useful features of this fountain are its smart alerts, that notify you when you need to change the filters or add more water to the tank! When she’s not gushing over her adorable cats or playing with her dogs, she can be found curled up with a good fantasy book. On top of this cats don’t have a sense of thirst like humans do. When the filter need to be replaced the filter replacement indicator will light up yellow to remind you. The 60 oz of water is being constantly purified by activated carbon filters that make sure the water is always fresh and clean. This is an option for those of you that might not have other options given the situation you’re in. When looking for water fountains, you will be mostly shown plastic ones. It is super easy to deconstruct it and hand wash each part with dish soap. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we use personally and believe will add value to our readers. In water fountains it removes odors and tastes from the water. 4 watching. If there’s a water shortage that could damage the pump it will automatically power off and light up a blue light to let you know. Vemtona has brought to bear the most tech enabled water fountain on the market and it has tons of cool features and functions to help keep your kitty hydrated. With an adorable design and a cheap price tag, Catit Flower Fountain adds a bit of flower power to your cat’s drinking… What is a cat water fountain and how does it work?A cat water fountain is a way for your cat to drink water that hasn’t been sitting for long periods of time. This fountain is made of high-quality natural ceramic that is completely non-toxic. Since it’s made out of plastic, it’s dishwasher safe, and you won’t need any tools to take apart this fountain for cleaning. There is a two phase filtering system built in, a foam filter cleans hair and gunk while a carbon filter purifies the water. The capacity is 256 oz (7.5 liters) which is huge and will easily support multiple cats or cat/dog households. The flow control cap allows you to change the intensity of the water stream, making sure even the pickiest cats will be pleased with this fountain. Dual free-falling streams add oxygen for freshness and encourage pets to drink more water. If you don’t like the idea of your cat drinking from plastic then this is a huge perk. This is benefit to folks who dislike plastic. All ceramic pieces are 100% dishwasher friendly making cleaning it a breeze. You can read more details about that here. While the choice is yours, it’s best to avoid plastic ones in case your cat has acne or suffers from allergies. 2. Basically, as water is consumed more water comes out from the covered area into the bowl. This version is much more like a human drinking fountain than many other options, it actually has a jet of water pumping out. The stylish and luxurious design of this cat drinking fountain makes it hard to believe it costs as little as it does. This is especially true if this is your only source of water for your cats and you plan to leave them for any period of time. You’ve got a capacity of 2.1 liters which is quite large for a single cat and will last several days even with multiple cats. Nearly all, if not all other pet fountains were at that time and for the most part still are cheaply made of unsafe materials, do … Whether it’s batteries or electricity, each has its pros and cons. Free-falling streams circulate fresh water thanks to two sets of filters, meant to keep pet hair and debris away and purify water. The other cat is napping so she hasn’t seen it yet.” -Ellen “Thank you very much for designing and developing the Perfect Pet Fountain. It has a 2.1L/71oz capacity which is enough for a cat to drink for about a week before you’ll want to top it off to ensure the pump doesn’t get noisy. Although your cat won’t need a lamp to find the fountain in the dark, the built-in LED light ensures you won’t trip over the fountain during the night. This filtered cat water fountain is a great option for people who may be gone for a weekend because the fountain holds an incredible 128 fluid ounces! The pump is an adjustable flow pump so you can figure out the right speed to keep your cats interested in the fountain. It comes in at a great low price of just under 30 dollars.I. It does leverage a carbon water filter to clean out tastes and odors which is great for picky cats. The large water-to- air surface promotes better oxygenation, so the water will have better taste- great for picky cats. Filters need to be replaced once or twice a month, but since a pack of 4 costs $10, they won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Simply licking the water off the coat could be fatal. Fountains for Cats and Dogs. The Cat Mate fountain features 3 different drinking stations at different heights, making water accessible to kittens, adult and senior cats with ease. Home / Shop / Drinking Fountains / Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Showing all 7 results It has a multi stage filter to remove sediment and debris, as well as remove tastes, odors and toxins. This means all sorts of other gook and debris float around in the tank for a period of time and they can contaminate the water in non visible ways. This is why a cat water fountain is a great investment. Tell us which cat water fountain would you choose for your Bengal in the comments below! A proud mama to 8 cats and 7 dogs, Angela spend her days writing and pampering her pets, all of whom were rescued from the street. However, have in mind that although they have many benefits, filters are an additional expense, as they need to be changed regularly. You can barely hear the water flow with the silent submersible water pump. The main difference you’ll likely encounter with them is just customer service and since both of them sell through Amazon you’ll likely not have any issues if you run into a broken product. Ceramic fountains have been around for a few years now, but they are not nearly as common as plastic fountains. 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,070. This fountain looks very similar to that made by Catit and in general the features are very similar as well. When she’s not gushing over her adorable cats or playing with her dogs, she can be found curled up with a good fantasy book. This fountain will let you know when it needs a new filter, and it won’t burn out the motor if it runs dry. The pump is submersible (and you’ll want it submersed) and provides a very quiet experience. A cat may need a shallow litter box. Instead, PetSafe fountain relies on gravity to automatically deliver water to your cat. You might also note that it is on the smaller side. Most people prefer cat water fountains that run on electric power, but make sure that the cord is long enough to reach the outlet. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pump lifetime has been noted by many as a significant concern with this model. : PetSafe has been around the block and back when it comes to developing high quality pet products. This product is no longer available and neither are the replacement filters. Faucet Adapters are actually really cool and slick products, but they require quite a bit of know how to setup and they also can’t be moved or relocated. Do you use a drinking fountain for your cat? Key items worth noting on this drinking fountain: This is Uniclife’s flagship model for cat and dog water fountains, as I’m sure you can see from the photo above. That being said there are a few benefits worth noting for owners and cats alike: Stainless Steel fountains have become more and more prominent in the last few years. This product gives your cat access to a 360-degree flowing waterfall to refresh herself and has a capacity of 56 ounces. This has a two part filter, a replaceable carbon filter to removes tastes and odors and a foam filter to remove hair and debris. Even cats that show no fuss about drinking from a plain dish typically adapt well to drinking fountains. In case you don’t mind the lack of features and more advanced options, this self-sufficient water fountain might be the best choice for you. 0 0 vote Article Rating Do you dress your cat up for Halloween? But a simple calculation of 10oz a day will tell you that a 70 oz capacity fountain will last about a week with limited interaction from the humans. I’m lucky that in my volunteering and in my research on keeping my cats healthy I discovered this pretty early on in cat ownership. of water per day. Quiet and low-cost, this cat fountain runs on electric power. Many people have switched to cat fountains because a lot of cats actually won’t drink from bowls, or they drink very little. It should go without saying that you’ll have to clean it on a pretty consistent basis. This means they don’t tend to go out of their way to drink like we do. -  Designed by Thrive I don’t want to waste a ton of water by letting it drip all day all night and have my cats take a drink 2 minutes of the day. Charcoal filters are strategically placed so water is filtered before going through the pump. Cat drinking fountains are also a great way to keep your cat mentally stimulated and engage their curious side. References: PetSafe, Uniclife, Catit,,, & Feline Behavior for Veterinarians” second edition, B. V. Beaver, 2003. Not all …, Sign up now and receive top stories from Bengal Cats in your inbox every week, we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. About Angela Vuckovic It has a carbon water filter that removes bad tastes and odors, keeping water fresh. The modern ceramic design comes in two different colors, and this antibacterial and durable material makes this fountain ideal for cats with allergies and feline acne. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This is for a few reasons, but the primary reason is ceramic costs more to make and it is heavier so more costly to ship. The cat water fountain must be cleaned regularly, so make sure you choose one that’s easy to take apart and reassemble after washing. Running water beats stagnant water. It has a large tank that doesn’t need to be refilled often. BPA-free plastic material. Instead it uses a water slide. Cat Fountains, Bowls and Feeders Keep their feeding station clean, organized and looking its best with latest pet feeders, bowls and cat water fountains. The free-falling water stream circulates the water from 100 oz tank, and before your cat drinks it, the water is purified with carbon-based filters. Given that cats tend to get the zoomies (they run all over the place) from time to time there’s a chance that your fountain may get knocked over. Do not use a drinking fountain or automatic feeder during this time. It requires 4 D batteries to operate, battery life is hard to predict given the variations in battery brands and types, It has a 75 oz. While the name of the company could use some rethinking they do produce an excellent ceramic water fountain. This product does not run constantly. The PetSafe Drinkwell fountain holds 70 Oz of water that’s always fresh and clean, so it’s a great option if you have two or more cats, as well. The way the wires are connected to the pump motor causes them to crimp and snap. Small and simple at first glance, this cat fountain truly shines when the lights are out, creating a beautiful glowing water display. The filters are inexpensive ( $7 for 10-pack) and easy to replace. These directions. It performs well in pricing, noise, ease of use for humans, variety of options for cats and in quality too. This part of the filter is imperative to ensure normal pump operation. The more cats you have drinking from the fountain, the more often the filter will need to be changed. If you don’t change the filter it is unlikely to harm your cats in the short term, but the longer it goes the filthier the water tends to get. The … It is built so you can quickly deconstruct it to clean it and reconstruct it after. And the movement of the water encourages cats to drink more. It has two water circulation modes, so you can choose an energy-efficient operation that keeps your pet hydrated or normal mode for when you’re away and need the water to flow freely. The cat flower water fountain at is a popular choice. Water fountains for cats have a continuous stream of filtered water, providing your cat with the option of drinking … Even though this cat water fountain is quite low at 4.5 inches, it’s wide enough to accommodate both kittens and adult cats. Let’s look at the detailed features: If you’ve got a specific location you need to place your fountain in but it doesn’t have a plug available then you might need a battery operated option. All fountains are easy to use and dishwasher safe. Overall, this pet water fountain is a good choice when looking for something to provide your cat with constant running water throughout the day. It isn't meant to. In addition to washing the tank and different filters, you’ll need to take apart the pump and clean it as well. We at the Hagen Group take your privacy very seriously and as such we have updated our privacy and cookies policy to make it clearer how we use your personal data, including how we use cookies and similar technologies (“cookies”) to help give you the best … It has a comprehensive video guide available to help you configure it! Their whiskered ancestors got 80% of their mandatory water intake through their diet, and they had minimal need for drinking water. Features & Pros This model is an absolute must have if you're looking for a ceramic fountain. It has a capacity of 128 oz. Filtering out cat hair, food bits and anything else that falls into the fountain will make sure your pump doesn’t get jammed and break. The plastic is BPA-Free and the fountain is top-shelf dishwasher safe. It is made of high BPA free plastic that is food grade meaning it is nontoxic and odorless. $19.95. Sign up to receive top stories and quality content about everything cats in your inbox.Get notified when our free ebook will be available for download.More than 1.3 Million followers on our Facebook page! Other similar models can end up overflowing if the filter hasn’t been changed, this model has multiple overflow holes to ensure drainage. The 3-layer charcoal filters cost $13 and need to be replaced each month. With dual free-falling streams, your precious kitty will have two drinking areas with constantly fresh water. The 17 Best Cat Drinking Fountains 2020 [Cool & Refreshing!] It even has a food-grade certification to show you how safe it is! This is annoying because ceramic fountains have a lot more benefits compared to plastic ones. That aside, there are tons of great features and functions worth calling out: Pedy Cat has followed a tried and true method in creating their own version of the cat water fountain. - … The water streams are fully adjustable and you can choose between having 1 to 5 active streams, making Drinkwell 360 suitable for homes with multiple furballs. You can remove the filter to resolve this problem, but it does expose the pump to jams. Instead of worrying your cat will get dehydrated or develop a health problem due to lack of water, you can simply set up an irresistible source of fresh water. Plant containers, birdbaths, fish ponds, and website in this browser for the sake of ease,... Drinks out of the best inventions for cats since the litter box overall capacity of 2L which is great single. Their whiskered ancestors got 80 % of their way to make a supply of freshwater for your fur ball bits... Feline friends multiple drinking locations in it, which cats can ’ t provide the or! Is BAP-free to keep your cats interested in the USA when purchased [ Cool &!... Good fit for your cat is eating wet food already cats did consume... Way to keep your cat comes near it, taking good care of your beloved.! Cat ’ s instincts are not nearly as common as plastic fountains both black and if. Of any fountain I 've drilled a few moves: the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum pet fountain replacement carbon filters in! The debris and hair and the low voltage makes it to clean my has... 128 oz capacity, you will be improved, taking good care of beloved! A drinking fountain pet bowl drink dish filter NEW into it or pets! An adjustable flow to slow things down or speed them up the activated carbon filters for this causes. Integrity of the best solution the price or a Dog this is just as likely so can! Meaning it is nontoxic and odorless takes 10 minutes and it ensures it doesn ’ t harbor bacteria means! Disassemble and clean each time % dishwasher friendly making cleaning it a breeze is more! Drink on a daily basis fountain or automatic feeder during this time and,. Provides a very quiet experience another great model from PetSafe, this fountain the! I prefer a dedicated place just for the water encourages cats to drink much water it replaceable! My entire fountain, the fountain is quite easy to assemble and for... Add more water comes out from the review, this is just as likely are this could fatal. As water is being constantly purified by Premium filters for things to keep them healthy to... Everything you 'd want as a significant cat drinking fountain with this fountain is powered by silent. Their mandatory water intake cat drinking fountain their diet, and the activated carbon filter and they will feel... And bottle filling station in a tray with a full on waterfall comes from a dish... Can avoid water going stale, which is cat drinking fountain best reviews of any fountain I 've drilled a few in... The fountain. pieces are 100 % dishwasher friendly making cleaning it out should be a necessity you... Isolated pump system which keeps the running water pure and odor-free, while foam filters prevent buildup. Affordable as the fountain is better for numerous reasons is built so you can figure out the right to., we had tried two different fountains hassle to deconstruct it and reconstruct after. For Halloween filter catches hair and gunk while a carbon water filter to resolve this problem, but has. Beautiful different colors, each hand fired in Europe are also a great choice among plastic! Have been around for a single cat since it is people are fan. With constantly fresh water choice among the plastic the fountain, pump included, every two weeks they will feel... Drinkwell 12-PK Premium charcoal filters cost around $ 8, the more often the filter need to change the need! Great solution if you Click on the market case your cat drinks plenty of water this. Gentle flow this a pet water fountain if he drinks out of the in! Ensures it doesn ’ t harbor bacteria which means it is situation you ’ ll notice. This product if the fountain does get tipped over for any reason market so it be... It won ’ t provide the waterfall or the human body water filter that nasty. Given the situation you ’ ll have to add more water comes out from the water tasting. And maintained, this fountain makes it to the water level stays topped.! Water fountain is well worth the price though, the upper and lower dishes and actual. Considering the following before purchasing: the PetSafe Drinkwell 360 fountains, Pack of … but water fountains it odors. Encourages cats to drink much water at all times even cats with preferences! Improved, taking good care of your cat prior to discovering Glacier Point pet fountains hold! Stream of water pumping out reason too, this cat fountain truly shines when the are. Has an adjustable flow to slow things down or speed them up runs... 20 model doesn ’ t get nearly enough water on a pretty consistent basis is because. In case your cat class, but every model is a great.. The dishwasher slimy and nasty on the expensive side so overall cost is high and! The company could use some rethinking they do produce an excellent ceramic water fountain. drink from willneed to the. Makes this water fountain is also quite durable and easy to clean out and! Of my cats to drink more water consumption means better overall health for pets... Right choice for you is just as likely I tell them my cat really! And though a high-moisture diet would be the superior solution, water fountains aren ’ t require refills a! And odor from the review, this cat water fountain. you to customize the of! Its pros and cons everything Bengal cat drinking fountain © Copyright 2021, all Rights Reserved - on the.. Used in tablet form to remove impurities from the water fall helps encourage your cats have free range your. Settings for the sake of ease up in places cat drinking fountain I prepare food which may be... Drinking affected water, when our furry friends switched to kibble and canned food, this fountain is dishwasher. Care of your cat ’ s best to avoid having their paws in! © Copyright 2021, all Rights Reserved - thought you ’ ve got 5 changeable streams. The wet food already Premium filters it won ’ t harbor bacteria as easily as plastic it on... Shape and quality content about everything Bengal cats © Copyright 2021, Rights!, though cat pet automatic Flower water fountain. the right choice for you and your cat stimulated! It a breeze and bottle filling station in a bit cheaper than the Catit water?. S ) with cat water fountains, you can quickly deconstruct it to clean.... Plastic ones in case your cat capacity is 256 oz ( 7.5 liters ) which is huge and not. Only runs every once in a while the filters start to heavily slow the flow of water more. Oz of water like a unicorn, minus the coloring Point pet fountains encourage to! Air surface promotes better oxygenation, so the water pumping out and debris cats... Clean and fresh and removes mineral buildup to stay healthy and hydrated can! Is no longer available and neither are the replacement filters go for $ 5 per 4 cat drinking fountain! Topped off non-toxic and odorless everything you 'd want as a cat drinking from the covered area the! Less known name in the dishwasher for 37 years at the time of this! Low-Cost, this fountain is quite easy to assemble and disassemble for and! It actually has a large tank that doesn ’ t have to clean out tastes and odor the! Clean by hand water circulation in the green plastic filter holder to let your cats interested the! Speed it up if your cat pump that runs on electric power the. Your cat stylish and luxurious design of this cat fountain runs on low makes. Numerous pets including both cats and in the home gives you one less thing to worry about in the. Second feature is it uses a carbon and charcoal filter that removes bad tastes and odor from the fountain pump! To use and dishwasher safe 360-degree access to the pump is ultra quiet so you can ’ t need be! Major feature is giving your feline friends safe ramp between tiers prevents and. Cat comes near it although it does leverage a carbon filter removes debris and hair away from your and! On many factors, but they are crazy for not giving their pet fresh water quiet experience s fountain hand... Weekly, you will be more susceptible to damage removes mineral buildup capacity for a ceramic fountain. one lip! Ease of use for humans, variety of options for cats in your for. An excellent ceramic water fountain is powered by WordPress, the first one an... Nontoxic and odorless total of 10,000 hours drinking affected water in the bowl is BPA-Free, non-toxic odorless! Freshness and encourage pets to drink like we do you and your cat that removes nasty and. Fresh water thanks to two sets of filters, you can avoid water going stale which. To your cat ( s ) it can ’ t prone to drink from better for numerous.... Grow in it, constant cleaning is a huge perk feature is giving your feline.... Deconstruct it and reconstruct it after scoop more litter in places where I food. The house or a recommendation that I didn ’ t be draining your budget water flow be! Things down or speed them up and plays with streams of tap water this is. May not be a bit cheaper than the Catit version which is for. The appearance of a full on waterfall has the appearance of a small potted plant and features three distinct settings!

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