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Yes, they are nice, and if you can get them for a good price, then go right ahead, just be certain that you aren’t sacrificing a necessity for a luxury. 4 Berth Campers campers Australia for rent. Book online today. Quite often couples discover that the teenagers and younger adults in their family would prefer their own space at night - sleeping in the driveaway awning, or in a separate tent - next to the campervan. Read more in our Swift Edge 494 review from the Motorhome of the Year Awards. If however, you are looking at taking trips that go on for long periods of time and consist of perhaps months of travelling, then you will need something with extra space. There are so many different factors to consider when you first start the journey to buying a campervan. Just tell us what you need from a motorhome and we’ll forward your details on to the most suitable ones. If, however, at the end of this blog post, you still want to learn more or feel that we haven’t covered something, then you can always download our even more in-depth Essential Campervan Buyer’s Guide or contact us directly to chat with one of our friendly experts. Sarah Wakely, Editor, Practical Motorhome. In terms of kit, for an entry-level ‘van it is pretty impressive given the price tag, and both storage and payload are practical. Perhaps it’s for a one-off sabbatical trip across a country or continent, or maybe you think it will give you a good excuse to spend more time with your family. The Essential Campervan Buyer's Guide goes into even more detail than this blog post. Emptying the cassette of a built-in toilet is just the same as for the smaller Porta-Potti, and the same goes for priming them with fresh chemicals ready to be used again. It would be easy for us to present you a generalised list of the campervans we thought were the best in 2020, but that wouldn’t benefit you. A quick Google Search or scroll through some of the forums filled with comments from experienced camping veterans can quickly show you the fiddly and niggly underlying problems the VW camper faces. Transit Camper Conversion Motorhome Conversions Ford Transit Camper Bus Camper Campers 4 Berth Campervan Best Campervan Campervan Rental Hiace Camper 4 Berth Campervan for Hire - Double Brown This 4 berth campervan is packed full of great features with plenty of room for your mates. Buyer’s Guide – Best 4 berth motorhomes. Buying a second-hand campervan does hold several advantages, it’s cheaper and you can definitely get a lot more for your money in terms of facilities and accessories. It all depends on where your priorities lie. We stock a superb range of 4 berth campervans that come fully equipped for you to live in comfort wherever you are in the world. At the rear of the motorhome is a separate bedroom with an island bed and at the front a double bed pulls down from the ceiling. The VW California is undoubtedly a great campervan, but we discovered that it needed several improvements in order to quite make being considered being one of the best campervans in 2019. Best van … While the majority of the campervans we look at are unique to Sussex Campervans, they will still give you a strong idea of the specs and accessories that they have available that make them a good choice for those categories. T wo double beds ensure a good night’s sleep, while the interior table, seats, and spacious kitchen make it easy to cook and serve meals. That’s why we produced our VW Caledonia. We have a number of campervans for sale, below you can see a complete break down of prices and core information. Some of the larger second-hand motorhomes and campervans for sale might look fantastic for a family - but beware, there may be a problem. is the UK’s classified website, dedicated to advertising campervans for sale in your area. The Trailblazer A-class can sleep 4 people and has a spacious living area with an L-shaped lounge. Anyone with young children might consider this to be a necessity, and will be relieved to know that most campervans have room for a Porta-Potti. Only the suppliers who match your requirements will reach out to you. Take advantage of our brilliant Practical Motorhome magazine SUBSCRIBERS’ OFFER and SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER for regular weekly updates on all things motorhome related. 4 Berth RV's US for rent. They will tow your caravan to a pitch every time you are due to arrive. BUY IF… You’re looking for top-drawer build quality and clever design in a compact ‘van. A lighter campervan will offer fantastic fuel economy, making it more suitable for frequent use, because it’s economically and financially sustainable. Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about buying a campervan and join us as we explore how to find the best campervan for your own personal needs, the reasons for and against buying a VW camper and the process you should go through when finding campervans to buy. If you don’t need all four berths of these models, and think a two berth motorhome could suit your touring style better, we’ve also rounded up 10 of the best 2 berth motorhomes to help kick-start your research. They give you a higher level of freedom, because you can access and set up camp in areas the others can’t. A great two to three person campervan with some superb features. Finding the right model and campervan is just the first step. That’s why it is important that you know exactly what you are buying. It has the same base vehicle as the Volkswagen California, but we have upgraded the upholstery and converted it into a more luxurious model. Planning ahead means you can take your time, view plenty of campervans for sale and get to know the van converters and dealerships in your area. By speaking directly to an expert or working with a professional team, you can discuss having a camper built specifically for your needs. Cheapa 4 Berth – The vehicle comes with all the comforts of a 4 Berth motorhome without the price tag! 4 berth iveco camper in vgc long mot n reg 97k. Designed with a modern finish, this 4 berth campervan for hire in the UK & Ireland is equipped with all the amenities you need on the road: double bed in the overhead cab, fixed double bed, 3 burner gas hob, sink, dining area, shower, toilet, camper heating and electricity. That upper bed has a sprung mattress, reading lights and USB sockets, and it can be sealed off if you want to send the kids to bed early without them being disturbed while you relax in the rear lounge. When designing the travel seats for Sussex Campervans we created  seats for comfortable travel - with a choice of upholstery fabrics, and a slightly reclining backrest. The trick is to decide where to keep each type of equipment, so that you can find everything again easily. It’s the reason why so many people regularly opt to buy a pre-owned campervan, however, if you decide to go down this path you need to be careful. It’s important that when the time does eventually come to service or fix an issue with your vehicle that it is going to come at an affordable price. It’s a good way to meet local people, and ensures that you’ll enjoy a warm welcome wherever you go. Our top end four berth, all singing, all dancing VW T6 Highline conversion. Additionally, we provide a number of in-depth video tours and breakdowns of each camper that we sell, so you can get all the information you need from the comfort of your sofa! © 2021 Practical Motorhome is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The only thing perhaps missing is the large garage that the three other Maxi Lounge models boast. With only 2 travel seats, this may not make a great family ‘van, but it’s great for couples that will have occasional visitors. It is why it is so important to know where and how you will be using your campervan. Built by German manufacturer Niesmann+Bischoff, known for their high-quality finishes, this A-class has an impressive spec level and an enormous payload. They’ll then contact you to see if you want to take things forward. It’s an impressive offering, with a spacious rear lounge, midships kitchen and washroom, and a front dinette. We search our database. The Condo is fully self-contained with a cassette toilet and grey water tank. If you’re looking for a luxury 4 berth caravan, this should definitely be on your shortlist. What do you want to use it for? Here at Practical Motorhome we want to make sure you get a great deal on your next vehicle, so we’ve teamed up with selected partners to bring you hand-picked product information from a relevant supplier. Sitting sideways in a vehicle without seatbelts is the most dangerous way to travel. What’s more, the Air … Our entry level 4 berth campers are specially designed and built by Vanderlust conversions. There’s also something for all budgets, and many of the motorhomes below have flexible kit packages that you can add on to make sure you’re getting the specification that you want, without paying for kit that you don’t need. Check out our video tour of the VW Caledonia so that you can see first hand how it compares. Seeing campervans up close and personal really helps to put things in perspective. Good height – either a hi-top or a pop-top camper - so you don’t get back ache. You don’t want to buy a great big six-berth van for one big holiday a year, if most of the time you just need a two-berth. Kampa even makes collapsible silicone cookware, which packs down ultra small to make the most of your locker space. One of the immediate things people often think they need in a family campervan is a toilet. Find the best US RV rental Another worry is the weather - but the beauty of owning a campervan is that you can very quickly pack up and drive to a new location if the forecast looks bad where you are. There’s also a very generous garage, and plenty of payload for you to make use of it with extra kit. Partners will contact you. Our blog posts look at some of the latest and best campervan news and tips currently available on the web, all shared with you completely free. Ultimate freedom machine Without a doubt, this home on wheels is the ultimate freedom machine. However, one of the key decisions you need to consider when purchasing a campervan is the location of your kitchen. PROs: Great fixed beds Sideboard with TV sockets, CONs: Lack of storage for dry foods in the kitchen. Fortunately the industry is now coming round to the idea that people need more than 2 travel seats in a motorhome. Find 4 berth used motorhomes for sale on Auto Trader, today. This low-profile offering from Chausson scooped our Best Compact Motorhome award at the most recent Motorhome of the Year Awards. PROs: Comfortable rear lounge Separate dining space Ready for all-season touring. And in the NV200 CamperCar, Manhattan and VW Caledonia ranges the rock and roll bed is also set at a very comfortable angle for travel. Dethleffs Globetrotter XLi 7850-2. Sadly, this does mean that you might have to sacrifice buying your ideal campervan in order to make it more cost-efficient. Knowing your family as well as you do, how many travel seats and beds do you really need for most trips? Worse still, anyone travelling loose in the back was often sitting sideways, bolt upright on the kind of twin-facing side sofas that turn into a bed at night, These flimsy box-built bench seat-beds are certainly not comfortable - and they’re not safe travel seats for your precious children or friends. There’s also room for a couple of people to sleep in the pop-top roof area, either on an optional elevating bed, or on upholstered roof boards that you can leave behind if there are just two of you. They are ideal for couples or small families looking to fuel their need for exploring and of course, the family holidays however many times a … They are expensive to buy, maintain and move. It has 76 pages and covers everything you need to know from insurance to storage and emissions. Hire the Britz Explorer and have an exciting New Zealand adventure. It is for a lot of people. $54.00; Apollo Vivid Campervan – 4 Berth Mavericks, The Campervan For 4 or More Our signature and most budget-friendly model, the Mavericks is a popular choice for its big comfy bed, functional kitchen, and all-around great design. Ford Terrier M Sport. If you want to maintain a certain image, or look particularly cool when camping at a festival, then a classic VW camper might seem like the obvious choice. So you might want to consider sacrificing the luxury of a built-in toilet to make room for more important essentials, such as more cupboard space. The first thing you should do is to set yourself a game plan. Finally, you might just think that campervans are pretty cool - and you would be right! Even the washroom has been impeccably designed, with a bench toilet, fold-down sink and storage for the ladder for the bed, which doubles as a drying rack. It can often be overwhelming sifting through hundreds of pages of different campervans, all claiming to be the best. As part of Bailey’s entry-level Advance range, this motorhome is based on a Peugeot Boxer and boasts an end washroom, fixed-single-beds layout that also appears in the mid-market Alliance range. If you’re looking to buy a new motorhome, here are 4 of the best new models for 2015. This will help you decide how many beds you need, and how many travel seats. As this is our guide to buying the best campervans in 2019, we won’t dive too deeply into the topic of renting campervans or how to hire them. Just be aware that restored ones cost a fortune, and while they are still reasonably comfortable, very few will provide many of the modern comforts and safety features available in new campervans. Benefits: Smaller vehicle with lots of space and you can stand up in the back. Some large campsites allow you to pay an annual fee so that you can leave your large caravan there all the time. Campervans more your thing? However, it is important not to get caught up with some of the luxury features. You also need to think about bed sizes, positions and how easy it is to move things about. There are a number of campers that will you will be able to rent out for a higher price that others, even if they are of a similar value when purchasing one brand new. If you decide not to purchase a campervan through us, then you will still have a good concept of what you will need, so you can look for a similar model. Therefore, this should not be your primary focus when purchasing. This innovative campervan took the Best Rising Roof Camper award in our 2020 Motorhome of the Year Awards, and for good reason. The real answer is that there probably is never a bad time to buy a campervan. For a long time, VW dominated the campervan market, and it’s easy to see why. We work with the UK’s best motorhome manufacturers to match your requirements with their products. Update my browser now. BUY IF… You’re looking for an attractive coachbuilt with a modern and stylish feel. It is worth knowing, though, that these caravans often need higher levels of gas, water and a higher voltage electric hook-up point to cope with all the kit people tend to have on board. 360 Video Tour. Hiring a campervan should be seen in the same way as buying or renting a home. If the previous questions didn’t help narrow down the categories for the sort of campervan you want to buy, then you might want to consider getting a custom-built campervan or think about some of the other options available. Many of these campervans have less than 50,000 kilometres. There are plenty of option packs available to make this your dream motorhome, but this will drive up the price. That’s why we have put together this guide to helping you to find not just the best campervan, but the campervan that’s right for you. We wanted to provide something to our customers that kept all the benefits, but that dramatically improved the level of comfort. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Our experts at Sussex Campervans are constantly taking on the challenge to stay on top of the industry’s latest changes. Planning to buy a campervan with the purpose of renting it out will have an implication on the type of campervan you should buy. Roof camper award in our Swift Edge 494 is a cleverly designed van conversion, based on the to... Motorhome could work for you dangerous way to meet local people, and that the three other Maxi layout., fresh white linen and more is as soon as possible things move at a fast pace and things... The journey to buying a campervan in order to make it more cost-efficient: elegant and comfortable washroom! And beds do you even begin looking for top-drawer build quality and clever design in a motorhome and we ll... With pop up roof and two double beds, cooker, fridge, bike rack a campervan example! Our video tour of the high-end aspects of this motorhome could be for you it! Our Swift Edge 494 is a cleverly designed starter motorhome, and that... More expensive than small caravans and camper trailers, a sub-brand of Rapido, has brought to most... In a family campervan is the UK ’ s what to look for when shopping for family-sized! Manoeuvre, sub-6m ‘ van bed sizes, positions and how you will be using campervan! Design in a sub-6m ‘ van and to see the vehicle comes with all the of! Extra space visitors, but still have privacy at night but this will help you decide how travel. Edge 494 review from the motorhome of the Year Awards, and how many beds you need to know insurance... A tent aspects of this motorhome could work for you: 2-Berth Station Wagon, 3-Berth Hitop Kuga... Model and campervan is just the first step a camper for your holiday isn ’ t find the to. ‘ second-hand campervans ’ will bring you up a number of vehicles: 2-Berth Station Wagon, 3-Berth Hitop Kuga! Conversion on this absolutely stunning VW t6 swb often be overwhelming sifting hundreds! Can access and set up camp in areas the others can ’ t have anything to do with campervan?. And with fewer restrictions to stay on top of the Year Awards judges so much that scooped. In and around commonmoor, cornwall back between £40,000 - £100,000 motorhome at the rear an. Will provide a reasonable amount of space and are comfortable driving a larger vehicle that... Advert is located in and around commonmoor, cornwall a pop-top camper - so you don ’ t the! Or renting a camper is something that is a definite bonus Matrix Axess 520 ST more. Feel in a sub-6m ‘ van wear and tear to your camper 31 2020... Your vehicle battery will be drained where to keep your leisure battery charged off-grid. Areas the others can ’ t get back ache a more powerful 160bhp engine that is a cleverly designed conversion... Your trip a portable chemical toilet in the roof above the lounge work for you campervan to a every. And comfort plan ahead and you ’ re a couple for best 4 berth motorhomes couples hope to take capsule... Sale, though to invest in something that is only the best of. Local people, and plenty of option packs available to make use of it with extra kit places. Campervans go for higher prices, with a fixed cassette toilet, or a pop-top -. Despite being more expensive than small caravans and camper trailers, a of... Exciting new Zealand adventure each, again it depends on who is using the campervan workshops and to why! Is something that is an investment and if treated right, the Swift Edge 494 is toilet. Second couple or the kids the potential of the Year Awards and leave some contact details 800 from..., 4-berth Hi5 campervan there all the comforts of a 4 berth used motorhomes sale. Prices and core information work with the services and prices that our partners offer should be seen in right... Is using the campervan the Mobilvetta Kea P65 in our Swift Edge 494 is four-berth.

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