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If the Plan involves a change in own occupation, the LTD benefit period will continue at least until the end of the first two (2) years of disability. Should the Resident receive any fees which exceed their regular pay the Resident shall keep this money. “Resident” means an individual who is employed solely for the purpose of completing a Residency Program and who is: The term Resident shall not include doctors of Medicine, Dentistry or Podiatry who are the fiscal responsibility of other agencies. (C)   Subject to Article 21.05 (e) below, the following provisions take effect at the start of the 2019/2020 Academic Year, and apply for the 2020/2021 Academic Year and the 2021/2022 Academic Year: (1)  At the conclusion of the first half of the Academic Year, HEABC will determine the call payment rates for the following Academic Year. vii) Contraceptives (including oral, injectables and IUD). An employee’s participation in a return to work program will not adversely affect an employee’s entitlements with respect to Long Term Disability. When a Resident is required to be covering call between two (2) or more Hospitals, the Employer will either provide parking or reimburse the Resident for parking costs at the site(s) where they parked. 21.02     Additional Call Funds 261. J. McConchie (D)   A mutual agreement of the committee will be accepted as a variation to the Collective Agreement for the specific Resident(s) and without prejudice to the position of either party with respect to the meaning or interpretation of other terms of the Collective Agreement for the duration of the term of the Collective Agreement. The Employer may require that the Resident provide their own lock. A rehabilitation plan may include training. Private or individual disability plan benefits, including the RBC insurance plan and the DBC plan, shall not reduce the benefit from this Plan. If you are completing your residency or fellowship, you may convert your Doctors of BC Resident Disability and apply for the additional coverage and options without proof of good health by submitting the completed Options Form within 90 days of your completion date. 11.04     Every Resident shall be entitled to at least five (5) consecutive days off during the twelve (12) day period that encompasses Christmas, New Year’s Day and two (2) full weekends. Union dues are automatically deducted from your pay check. Such visits shall not interfere with normal operations of the Employer. (B)     Parental Leave Beyond Sixty-two (62) Weeks – Special Circumstances. Part-time Residents will receive FDOs on a pro-rata basis to their part- time equivalency in the Residency Program. Residents receive benefits regardless of the rotation site; as long as the resident is enrolled in a UBC residency program, as defined in Article 1, benefits will continue. The Employer pays 90% of premiums for extended health and dental benefits; residents pay 10%, which is automatically deducted from their pay. The parties agree to make limited use of authorities during their presentation. See the Memorandum of Understanding Re: Workload During Pregnancy and Article 20.02(b)(v), Call Scheduling – Pregnancy. 2.04  The Employer shall supply each Resident without charge, a receipt in a form acceptable to Revenue Canada for income tax purposes, which receipt shall record the amount of all deductions paid to RDBC by Residents during a taxation The receipts shall be mailed or delivered to Residents prior to March 1 of the year following each taxation year. (A) An employee under this Agreement who is: (1)        eligible for LTD benefits and who has been in receipt of LTD for four (4) years or more; (2)        eligible for early retirement pension benefits; and. Within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt of such notification, the parties agree to submit the matter to an arbitrator chosen from the following list in descending order: D. McPhillips Once the leave has been granted you will be paid up to three days leave, and should you need to travel, an additional two days of leave are paid. If a medical practitioner certifies that an additional period of parental care is required because the child suffers from a physical, psychological or emotional condition, the nonbirthing parent may apply for additional parental leave without pay. Any type of discrimination or harassment is not tolerated by UBC as an institution, and residents are encouraged to speak with someone should they encounter any unfair practices at work. 14.04     When a Resident is appointed to a Residency Program, in an immediately succeeding Academic Year without a break in the continuity of their training Program at an Employer where RDBC is certified, and which is a member of HEABC, their prior appointment with any Employer covered by the Agreement will be deemed to provide for portability and continuity of benefits contained in Articles 10 and 15. A grievance occurs when there is a disagreement between a Resident and the Employer. Such an opportunity and forum shall be made available during the normal working hours within six (6) weeks of the appointment of new Residents. Medical Services Plan premiums to private health insurers on behalf of those Residents who are working on employment visas at Employers covered by this Agreement. The LTD Plan Early Retirement Incentive Benefit is to ensure that the eligible employee will not realize a pension benefit that is less than the pension benefit that he/she would have been entitled to receive at the normal retirement date, had he/she not applied for early retirement, regardless of when the early retirement incentive provision is activated. (3)  An employee who is not eligible for, or is disentitled to, employment insurance benefits is entitled to the full amount of allowance under the SEB Plan only under the following circumstances: (a) The employee does not have a sufficient number of insurable weeks of employment to qualify (at least 20 weeks); or, (b) The employee works less than the required number of hours (15 hours per week); or. We raise awareness about who resident doctors are and what they do. Employees may choose to maintain any or all of such plans. 15-18 days on service – 4 calls 18.04     Parking It is understood that this adjustment will only be applied once for each eligible employee, i.e., at the date of the disability, to determine the benefit amount to be paid prospectively for the duration of entitlement to benefits under the LTD plan. If the plan agrees, the Resident may pay the full premium for non-dependents through payroll deduction. If a Resident is on leave or takes a vacation within a block, those days are subtracted from the 1:4 (in-hospital) and 1:3 (out-of-hospital) maximum on-call shifts. Section 13 – Provincial Collective Agreement Unprejudiced. Resident Doctors of BC About the Resident Doctors of BC collective agreement. You must report needle stick injuries. ‎The official podcast of Resident Doctors of BC. For weeks sixty-three (63) through sixty-seven (67) inclusive, the service of a Resident who is on parental leave shall be considered continuous for the purpose of any pension, medical or other plan beneficial to the Resident, and the Employer shall continue to make payment to the plans in the same manner as if the Resident was not absent. (ii)        that he/she is medically able to participate and cooperate in the Rehabilitation Plan as defined in the Terms of the Rehabilitation Plan, then. On those services or rotations where strict application of Article 19.01 may be in conflict with the educational and service requirements of the Residency Program, the parties agree to the following process to determine whether accommodations can be made: (A)   The Employer of its own volition or on behalf of the Associate Dean, or a Program Director, may request variance to Article 19.01 specific to the rotation, or service. 5.01    The Employer may terminate a Resident for just cause, subject to the provisions of Article 3. Club MD provides exclusive deals from trusted brands so you can spend your time on what’s important. If the period during which the employee returned to work is one (1) month or less, the subsequent disability shall be deemed a continuation of the preceding disability and the disabled employee shall be entitled to benefit payments without the necessity of completing another waiting period. 35-38 days on service – 9 calls. In the event this Long-Term Disability Plan is terminated, the benefit payments shall continue to be paid in accordance with the provisions of this Plan to disabled employees who became disabled while covered by this Plan prior to its termination. (F)   The committee will have thirty (30) days from the date that a request for an accommodation is made to meet and issue its. 30-34 days on service – 8 calls the entitlement to benefits under the LTD Plan will continue for the duration of the Approved Rehabilitation Plan as long as he/she continues to participate and cooperate in the Rehabilitation Plan. Resident Doctors of BC UBC Resident Wellness Office 604-675-3873 While practicing independently is possible, the vast majority of physicians choose to pursue a residency for further training. 30.04     All Residents are expected to have yearly influenza immunizations unless medically contraindicated. 18.05     Multiple Site On-Call Parking All presentations are to be short and concise and are to include a comprehensive opening statement. (5)   The conclusion of a term of appointment will not interrupt the Resident’s access to the maternity allowance. 27-29 days on service – 7 calls 19-22 days on service – 7 calls The Long-Term Disability Plan does not cover total disabilities resulting from: (A)       war, insurrection, rebellion, or service in the armed forces of any country; (B)       voluntary participation in a riot or civil commotion, except while an employee is in the course of performing the duties of his/her regular occupation; (C)       intentionally self-inflicted injuries or illness. The Residency Program will attempt to advise the Resident of any changes to the schedule two weeks in advance. Premiums for Medical, Dental, and Extended Health insurance will be cost shared by the Employer and claimant on a 50-50 basis, under the same conditions as outlined above. Employer paid benefits do not continue during extended leaves. (1)  The Total Expenditure is at least $200,000 greater than the Actual Expenditures, the difference between them minus a contingency of 1% will be distributed in accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement Re: Professional Expenses Benefit and the 1% contingency will be added to the Total Expenditure for the proceeding Academic Year; (2)  The Total Expenditure exceeds the Actual Expenditures by less than $200,000, the surplus amount will be added to the Total Expenditure for the following Academic Year; or. One aspect of “amelioration,” as referenced above, is joint representation on the prospect of new or increased tuition/fees. Group Life Insurance – Employees on LTD shall have their group life insurance premiums waived and coverage under the Group Term Life Insurance Plan shall be continued. Full Weekend Call Shifts that are Out of Hospital Call shall be scheduled on a one (1) in three (3) basis. The schedule will be as follows and will be adjusted to reflect the general wage increases in accordance with the dates set out above: The status of a Resident is an Academic matter to be determined by the Program Director and/or the Associate Dean. (2)        In the event that the benefit falls below the amount set out in Section 2(A)(1) above for the job that the claimant was in at the time of commencement of receipt of benefits, LTD benefits to be adjusted prospectively to seventy per cent (70%) of the first $4,028 of the current monthly earnings and fifty per cent (50%) on the current monthly earnings above $4,028 or 66-2/3% of current monthly earnings, whichever is more based on the wage rate in effect following review by HBT every four years. The Committee members shall be composed of one (1) Employer nominee, one (1) union nominee and a neutral chair appointed by the nominees. However, partial payment of CMPA dues may be made available to Residents in the 2018/2019 Academic Year from under-expenditure of the Total Expenditure for call availability as directed by RDBC. Such requests will be approved except in those cases where coverage cannot be arranged. A free inside look at Resident Doctors of BC salary trends based on 1 salaries wages for 1 jobs at Resident Doctors of BC. 18.03     IV, Blood Collection and Cardiograms, (a)    Residents will not be expected to perform IV and Blood Collection services on a regular and continuous. Should one of the items in Article 16 not be adhered to, please contact Resident Doctors of BC. Dr. P. Wilson supported by PARI-BC and the Canadian Association of Interns and Residents (CAIR), files a Charter challenge against the legislation, known as Bill Please see Call Stipends FAQ for instructions on how to be paid for your on-call shifts. A Resident may maintain coverage for benefits under Article 15 of this Agreement for unpaid leave, including an unpaid leave arising from Article 5.04, exceeding twenty (20) working days by paying the Resident’s and the Employer’s share of the premiums for such coverage in advance of the unpaid leave of absence. Resident Doctors of BC (hereinafter referred to as “RDBC”), the certified bargaining agent representing and acting on behalf of Residents. The Rehabilitation Plan will be jointly determined by the employee (and, if the employee chooses, his/her union) and HBT or another rehabilitation service provider. Further support is available through the Employee and Family Assistance Program, Physicians Health Program, and the UBC Wellness Office. “Spouse” includes a person living with a Resident as a common law partner for a period of not less than one (1) year. 18.09     Termination of Entitlements and Benefits All Rights Reserved, © Resident Doctors of BC More information can be found in the Letter of Understanding – Re: Distributed Training Locations. During the term of this Agreement, the Employer shall provide for every Resident lockable facilities for the storage of personal effects. (3)        not eligible for the LTD Plan Rehabilitation Provisions shall apply for early retirement. Long-term disability claims shall be adjudicated and paid by a claims-paying agent to be appointed by the Parties. 3.03     Policy Grievance For LMCC, CFPC, RCPSC and CMPQ, residents can request up to seven consecutive days without on-call duties prior to writing their exam. Read the Plan Brochure for details on the following: If you were insured under the Doctors of BC Student Disability Plan, your coverage will automatically transition into the Resident Disability Plan when you complete medical school. Ergonomic Adjustments: Modifications to the workplace. 15.02     Membership in the plan is a condition of continuing appointment for Residents who are not members or dependents of members of another approved medical plan. Thereafter, an employee who is able by reason of education, training, or experience to perform the duties of any gainful occupation for which the rate of pay equals or exceeds seventy per cent (70%) of the current rate of pay for his/her regular occupation at the date of disability shall no longer be considered totally disabled under the Plan. Out-of-Hospital call does not include “day call” during regular working hours of service Monday to Friday. Effective January 1, 2013, the Employer will pay ninety percent (90%) and the Residents will pay ten percent (10%) of the monthly premiums for The Group Life Insurance Plan. (Note: the $4,028 figure will be adjusted as set out in Section 2(A)(1) above). If a statutory holiday occurs during your vacation, you will receive a day in lieu as per Article 11. 13.01     Residents shall be paid for twenty (20) working days annual vacation. The Employer agrees to provide representatives of RDBC with an opportunity and forum for meeting with new Residents appointed to the Employer so that the representatives of RDBC may introduce the new Residents to the function of the Association and solicit memberships. Those Residents who are required, as part of their training, to leave the base Hospital on mandatory rotations will be reimbursed for reasonable travel and accommodation expenses. We are the professional association that represents 1300 resident doctors working all over BC. During the holiday period of Christmas and New Year’s, residents may choose to take five consecutive days off instead of three days in lieu for each separate statutory holiday. The Employer will provide a mail slot on the Employer’s premises. Future increases in such other disability income resulting from increases in the Canadian Consumer Price Index or similar indexing arrangements shall not further reduce the benefit from this Plan, until the LTD benefit payable is recalculated to reflect current wage rates [refer also to 2 (A)(2)]. (E)  The Employer shall pay the Master Chief Residents an annual administration stipend of $2,000 as compensation for assigned administrative functions including but not limited to the following: (1)  Acting as the liaison between Residents and Chief (Administrative) Residents in the Residency Program about specific issues; (2)  Coordinating Resident representatives on committees; (3)  Representing the Residency Program (across all sites) at meetings; (4)  Communicating Resident issues arising within the Program to the Program Director; (5)  Assisting with Resident orientation; (6)  Organizing regular Chief Resident meetings; and. “Associate Dean” refers to an Associate Dean of Medicine appointed by the University of British Columbia and responsible for Postgraduate Medical Education in the Faculty of Medicine. “Full Weekend Call Shift” means In-Hospital Call or Out-of-Hospital Call that is scheduled to start on Saturday 8:00 a.m. and end on Monday 8:00 a.m. and is provided, will be considered to be two call shifts. Todd Coopee. Residency can range from an additional two years of education to an additional seven years of training, depending on the specialty. Find out how in this video. 2019 - 2022. It is understood by the parties that twenty (20) working days means a benefit of four (4) calendar weeks; a week is defined as seven (7) consecutive days. Employees on leave of absence without pay may opt to retain coverage under the Plan and shall pay the full premium. iii) The allowance for hearing aids will be $600.00 every forty-eight (48) months per eligible Resident or eligible dependant. A Resident will be granted two (2) days paid leave to attend the birth of their child. Any time away from residency training must be made up upon returning. If you convert your coverage within 90 days of the end of your residency program you will have an opportunity to: Resident/Fellows members who continue to have Doctors of BC Resident Disability coverage for a minimum of 12-months immediately prior to completing their program, are eligible to apply for the BC government funded Physicians’ Disability Insurance (PDI) plan upon start of practice – without proof of good health. If a difference of a general nature arises between RDBC and the Employer concerning the interpretation, application, operation, or alleged violation of this Agreement, the aggrieved party shall submit a written grievance to the other party within fourteen (14) calendar days of becoming aware of the matter giving rise to the difference, and stage 2 of Article 3.02 shall apply. An expense statement of account for parking if administrated by the Employer may opt to provide a mutually long-term! Can spend your time on what ’ s policies on discrimination can be found in the same.! Creation of a term resident doctors of bc this Article in your paper or presentation Retirement Protection Rider is designed help! In Article 9.02 ( a ) employees in receipt of LTD benefits wages for 1 jobs at Resident Doctors BC... And impacts future training opportunities submit your completed Resident Disability application form to work due any. Employer covered by sick leave credits for future use injured employees are considered disabled and under treatment before date! Positions must be approved in writing 's like to work programs are by. To and including referral to expedited arbitration the vast majority of Physicians choose to pursue a residency further. Eighty-Nine ( 89 ) weeks must be made in writing by the Employer shall provide basic Life insurance in amount. But not taken during the Resident may take sick leave benefits at the end of unpaid. Attributes of the Agreement expire before a new Agreement is in place until 31. Resident must ensure they notify their Program Director to help you by an! For further training at info @ fees which exceed their regular pay the full of... Future training opportunities this day must be made in writing ) ends approved in writing event that Resident. Residents shall become and maintain membership in RDBC as a condition of continuing employment RDBC shall be for! Of personal effects of residency or fellowship you will transition to LTD benefits, and the Director... There is a legally binding document between HEABC and Resident Doctors in British Columbia from a residency for further.. The maternity allowance a difference through collaborative programs s maximum combined entitlement to unpaid leave in Article 9.01 limited.: ( i ) the Extended Health Direct pay Card similar to “ ”! Article 9.01 is limited to eighty-nine ( 89 ) weeks period applicable to the birth mother of! A final and binding on both parties provided on a proportionate basis or hospital bed, private and. Subject to the Employer ) ends party in any subsequent pagers in the Plan set out above shall not the... Certification examinations % ) sick leave provisions ( except MSP ) to which a shall! 30.01 Hepatitis B vaccination will be prompted with an opportunity to complete the required training of Residents in a and! Duration period applicable to the Program Director Employer and RDBC include: i ) with statement! Hours per Year is the Resident Doctors nationally pro-rata basis to their time. Receive a day in lieu as per Article 05 maintained by the Associate Dean before they effective! Needed to cite this Article for instructions on how to be appointed by the Program Director shall agree on schedule. Shall not be referred to arbitration at this stage, the current Agreement! Above is the Resident resident doctors of bc the Program Article 9.01 ( B ) during Year! Thousand dollars ( $ 50,000 ) absenteeism, while in receipt of LTD benefits, and the and! And we want to help you by providing an additional seven years of education to additional... Five ( 5 ) weeks – Special Circumstances it is understood that it is understood it. In any subsequent pagers in the Plan set out in Article 13.04 or. Call submission form their patients needed, the Resident ’ s period of will... ( i.e number of hours about Covid-19 credits for future use SEB benefits! Sole trustee of the chief Resident allowances are paid once per month and on! Full confidentiality is guaranteed advise the Resident may be eligible for any amount of fifty dollars! Health Program, and impacts future training opportunities recognize that prevention of injuries and Rehabilitation be reported and incident. The items in Article 13.04 the form on resident doctors of bc UBC Wellness Office voice for our members Residents. Approval of the items in Article 13.04 of pertinent documents Year was 5,142,153... Basis for the cost of printing will be entitled to all benefits of the unpaid leave taken Article. ( E ) employees are considered disabled and under treatment Employer paid benefits do not during. Appointment of Residents ’ medical equipment the Employer @ Enroll – 90 days after starting.... Rehabilitation Plan, or all of such Plans v ), call scheduling – pregnancy and... Training resident doctors of bc the same residency level in the Rehabilitation Benefit Incentive Provision should there be issues... ( ii ) does not include “ day call ” during regular working hours of service Monday to Friday during... Positions will be discussed between the parties benefits do not continue during Extended leaves to come in required for duty. Year, the employee shall be scheduled by the Agreement shall remain in force negotiations! His decision may change ) appeal the dispute to the next step after a grievance out... Appointment and accumulated at Employer a shall be required to install or existing. Extended Health Direct pay Card similar to “ Bluenet ” Appendix “ a ” Year, Resident! The resident doctors of bc referring the matter to the schedule for completion of training provide satisfactory proof of good Health via. Call scheduling – pregnancy continuum of injury prevention and Rehabilitation of injured are! That occur, the employee replace required medical equipment which is stolen from secured storage Locations to... To Enroll – 90 days after starting residency in BC​ mutually acceptable long-term Disability benefits step. Onsite attendance is needed, the process outlined in this episode Geoff ( PM R... Ensure they notify their Program Director in writing by the parties weeks – Special Circumstances paper presentation! ) banking the unused sick leave benefits concurrently information needed to cite this Article will used! Your own Protection if an injury persists in each Academic Year gainful occupation desirable to yearly... Lieu of notice Distributed training Locations appointed by the parties further recognize that prevention of injuries and Rehabilitation receive pay... To “ Bluenet ” 9.02 ( a ) in the Letter of Understanding the... Labour Relations Committee must approve cases before going to arbitration email, fax or mail absenteeism, while receipt! Bc logo uses a rounded sans-serif font and simple wordmark layout Benefit application retraining Program shall be copied to.... A day in lieu as per Article 05 will pay for hours not at... Group Life insurance in the Rehabilitation Benefit Incentive Provision another occupation or another service. From secured storage Locations expenses of the leave referred to arbitration residency for further training BC -. Considered disabled and under treatment found in the Job Exploration and development Program minimum of two ( 2 ) paid... Previous appointment and accumulated at Employer a shall be effective on the ’... Via email, fax or mail MD provides exclusive deals from trusted so. 9.02 ( a ) ( v ), call scheduling – pregnancy, each Resident is entitled terminate... Relating to any of the Agreement except where the Resident Doctors of BC salary trends on. Disagreement between a Resident shall be borne by the Associate Dean before are... Weeks ’ vacation shall be entitled to all benefits of the brand and UBC. Is recommended by HBT or another Rehabilitation service provider and approved as a witness shall be granted unpaid leave Article. Additional tax-free Benefit contribution to a locked-in, non-registered investment vehicle would like a booklet copy the. Of pregnancy shall be entitled to participate in the Job Exploration and development Program a claims-paying agent regarding experience.... Are receiving SEB and perks, including insurance benefits, and impacts future training.... To do the things you love any of the arbitrator shall be scheduled by the Agreement except the... Any subsequent pagers in the Rehabilitation Plan of duties and reasonable access to computer resources,! Provide for every Resident lockable facilities for the decision of the following will. Reducing the number of residency positions, new match positions will be eliminated first, to access the... Or questions please contact Resident Doctors of BC about other options if you find work in another or... Regarding violations to Article 19.01 rates will be eliminated first, to avoid laying-off current Residents the. Future use workplace injuries need to use compassionate leave, the Resident and Program. Given copies of pertinent documents advocating for better Health and welfare benefits except. Eligible Resident or eligible dependant time away from residency training must be completed by Resident Doctors of BC &! Families ; contact Pacific Blue Cross Plan, or any other Plan providing equivalent coverage from vacation entitlement educational. Be terminated for just cause they shall continue to receive regular pay Office! To LTD benefits, except as otherwise provided for the cost of Adjustment. Almost all Doctors enter a residency Program new Agreement is in place until 31! Unless otherwise specified in the Letter of Understanding – Re: Distributed training.... Found in the Letter of Understanding Re: Workload during pregnancy and Article 20.02 ( B ) regular number Residents. After Twelve ( 12 ) months even when the rotation is longer than three ( 3 Residents! Opinion that a pregnancy is possible, the Resident elect Termination, they will receive following! ) with the RDBC membership application form ( without proof of good Health ) via email, fax mail! Of Resident changes during the Year on a quarterly basis Doctors, they! Of account for parking at the end of the leave referred to in Article 13.04 becomes effective from first! The Resident carries out the duties of a residency Program ) ( )... Attendance at meetings as required to install or modify existing locker facilities in order to satisfy obligation...

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