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Agreement For Application Deposit And Hold On Property

Sometimes a down payment is refunded, and sometimes it`s not – it`s a situation. If there is another active rental application that was filed prior to your application and the landlord or property manager approves their application before they arrive to you (meaning you cannot rent the unit), your down payment will be refunded. […]

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Affermage Agreement Definition

With regard to the lease/lease agreements, the operator takes the lease of infrastructure and equipment by the government for an agreed period. In general, the government retains responsibility for investment and therefore bears investment risks. Operational risks are transferred to the operator. However, under the lease, certain assets may be transferred permanently for a […]

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A Gimme Is An Agreement

1. When is a gimme okay? never. If you take/give putts from the Gimme area, don`t score because you`ve had holes you`ve never finished. Here too, in the percussion game, the rule is that you have to put everything in place. We are refreshed to see that so many of you are so diligent. […]

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